We Are Moving to SaaS



What is happening?

We have retired all older versions of the Page Expiration Robot WordPress plugin (v3.1.8 and below). We will have a new plugin for our customers to use (v3.1.9) but it will not work like a traditional plugin. It will coincide with accounts on our web-based Page Expiration Robot product (Software as a Service aka SaaS).

Why are we doing this?

We want Page Expiration Robot to work flawlessly for you on all types of web pages and on all types of devices. It is becoming more and more difficult to keep the PER plugin compatible with all the different plugins and themes out there. There are millions of different combinations of plugins, themes, and hosting platforms and all of those combinations make it extremely difficult to have PER working as perfectly as we want.  While we love WordPress and use it on many of our company sites, including this one, some software tools just work better as SaaS and we believe PER is one of them.

The SaaS product also has more features and more functionality than the WP plugin.  To put it simply, there is lots stuff you can do with it that isn’t possible as a plugin.

When is this happening?

On Oct 17th 2016 we released plugin version 3.1.9 and this version will be the completely new version that works with our SaaS.

How can I update to the new version?

Our PER SaaS product, which we call Page Expiration Robot ‘Everywhere’, currently has a free trial sign up.

You can sign up here:


Right after you sign up you will be offered PER for $97 per year.   Normally it’s $197/year but this is a special offer for our existing users.  We do offer a 30 day refund if you are unsatisfied for any reason.  After that period you are of course free to cancel at any time.

Page Expiration Robot was literally the first “intelligent” countdown timer to hit the market some 7 years ago.  We will continue to innovate and bring you the best product that we possibly can.

Will my campaigns work when I update?

Unfortunately all of campaigns that you currently have running will not work anymore.  You will need to create them again inside of PER Everywhere and add them again to your posts and/or pages.

What if I don’t want the new version?

You are of course welcome to not upgrade and keep using the older version.  Please note that if you have a question or problem with it you can still send in a ticket and our team will try to help as best as they can with how-to questions or issues.

If this article didn’t answer all of your questions, please feel free to send in your questions to support@pageexpirationrobot.com


Bill Zimmerman on behalf of the entire IMW team